Amaryllis, the majestic flower

Amaryllis, your greatness is insurmountable! Autumn planting bulb, amaryllis is a flower that captures and captures the eye with the impressive flowers that project on long and strong stems. The color combinations of flowers vary and often surpass every imagination. White, red, orange, yellow, as well as beautiful bichromates with characteristic ribbons.

What position do we choose to plant amaryllis in our garden?

The amaryllis bulb must be planted in a warm, sheltered and sunny part of our garden. When planting, make sure that a small part of the amaryllis bulb is above the soil. We also have to pile the amaryllis with a pile to keep the stem of the flower upright and protect it from the winds

What do we watch when planting amaryllis in a pot?

Amaryllis and our eyes. We want moderate pots of height and width of 20 cm in order to plant the amaryllis in depth so that it covers about two-thirds of its volume in the soil of the pot. We choose a general purpose plant that drains the water well. On our balcony, place the pot in a spot with sun and rotate it every 1-2 days so that the flowering stem is right and does not get tilted to the sunlight.

What needs to water and fertilizing has amaryllis in our garden?

Amaryllis has moderate water requirements initially and more as soon as the root system develops. However, a little watering is needed, because excessive moisture may sap the flowering stem. With regard to fertilization, although amaryllis has no particular requirements, the addition of a small amount of fertilizer during planting will help in flowering and the formation of impressive flowers.

How do we store the amaryllis bulbs for next year?

We look forward to having, and time! As soon as the amaryllis flower dries in the spring, we stop watering and remove the bulbs from the soil. Then clean the bulbs by removing the soil and place them in a shady, ventilated place. Once the amaryllis bulbs have dried, store them in a dry place in cartons. To prevent moisture from collapsing and germinating bulbs, open small holes in the boxes or put a little bit of perlite.

How do Amaryllis Bulbs grow?

The propagation of amaryllis is done with small bulbs (bulbs) growing next to the  mother bulb; during the growing period of the plant. When the bulbs reach one-third of the bulb, they are cut off with a sharp knife and planted in new pots. The cutting of the amaryllis bulbs is done after the end of its flowering during the period of her lump.

And a secret about amaryllis

We can prolong the flowering of amaryllis for several days by removing the yellow anthers from the flower stamens with a tweezer before;scattering their;pollen.