10 flowers with a strong aroma that smells great

What a great flower! What striking are the plants when they are blooming in gardens, flower beds, courtyards, and balconies! Really an inspiration, all the flowers generously offer such a beautiful sight in our eyes! So special shapes and so many color combinations, a feast of nature! There are  flowers that; give us an even bigger gift that delights our senses, makes us dream, travel with our imagination and fall in love!

The enchanting aroma of flowers! Sometimes gentle, sometimes more intense, heavy, sometimes sweeter! So different flowers with so many different fragrances to smell! Other flowers leave their fragrance more intense at night, others are more intense at lunchtime. Why is all this done? Have you wondered why flowers are fragrant and what does it serve? Did it happen? Of course not! Each flower has its own unique smell that plays an important role in plant life! In most cases, the fragrance of flowers serves to attract insects such as bees. This serves to pollination and fertilization of the flower and consequently to the perpetuation of the plant. In some other cases, the flowers have a strong aroma to repel dangerous insects that may infect them.

Regardless of why nature created the fragrance of flowers, we are really so lucky! What to do? We have all linked our beloved memories with the fragrance of flowers, gardens, and balconies of our beloved people. And of course not to forget and those who want to capture the fragrance of flowers, the cosmetics industry offers us the most appealing combinations of perfumes from extracts and essential oils of flowers. We, of course, in our article, we will prefer the authentic fragrances of the flowers that bloom in the natural environment! That’s why we recommend ten popular plants that have a particularly attractive fragrance to plant them in the garden or pot on your balcony.


Let’s get started from the drills! What a special fragrance the flowers of these impressive autumn bulbous plants have. And what striking colors! red, purple, pink, yellow, fuchsia and white. Whether it is planted in a flower pot on the balcony or in a flower bed in the garden, the freesia gives us flowering with a great scent. Let’s also reveal a secret. The most intense scent is the one-sided freesia, especially the white and the yellow. So we select a sunny spot and plan the frieze bulbs at a depth of 5 centimeters in the soil with the bulb “upright” upwards and at a distance of 10 cm between the bulbs. They will compensate us in 2.5-3 months with their fragrant flowering.

Evening Star

The Queen of the Night, the Kestrel or the Nightmare, as you say, the ornamental shrub with the glossy leaves and the small creamy flowers flood the gardens and the courtyards with the sweet, intoxicating scent just after;dark. We choose a sunny place for the nightgown to give her rich and prolonged flowering, protected from the loud summer sun, especially if we planted it in a pot. Evening night, except fragrant, is also sensitive! It thrives in areas with mild winter and is also very disturbed in areas near the sea.


What scent and rosewood! I will never forget the aroma of the centennial rose-rose in the garden of my grandmother. Of course, and now there are many new varieties with a distinct and strong aroma. Dwarf varieties of rose, shrubs, climbing in different colors and flower shapes. With a bit of searching, we can find several of them to plant and decorate in the garden or on our balcony! And if we meet an aromatic rose in a friendly, neighboring or unknown garden, we do not hesitate to ask for a twig. The proliferation of rosewood with a spring is quite easy especially if we use rooting hormone.


Red carnation, milled and very aromatic at the same time! And the carnation is one of the most aromatic perennial flowers we encounter in pots on balconies, yards, and gardens and we enjoy them very much. They do not flavor all varieties, but it is worth looking for them. Typically, dwarf varieties or crawling varieties of cloves are more fragrant but this is not absolute. In any case, the cranberry is characterized by a rich and prolonged flowering from April to November while its flowers are kept in a jar for a long time. And let’s not forget that the well needs good drainage as it is sensitive to excessive moisture and watering and can root its roots.


What to say about plummer, the well-known Indian cucumber, with the wonderful white-yellow aromatic flowers. What a pity we do not find everywhere in our country, but especially in southern regions such as Rhodes, Kos, and Crete. Plummer thrives in tropical and subtropical places as he loves the heat and intense humidity in the atmosphere. And let’s not forget that in order to enjoy its rich and fragrant flowering plummer wants direct sunlight for much of the day. Like all the beautiful things, it has its limitations as it does not withstand the low temperatures and can be destroyed under intense frost.

Arab jasmine

And another special aromatic flower for the summer nights! Fruit or Arab jasmine, the popular climbing ornamental plant that impresses with its large, aromatic white flowers that appear from early spring to autumn. Note that the classic single-flower peach is much more fragrant than the double pearl or grapefruit, which of course has a larger flower. Besides, the intense aromas are found in small bottles! Also, let’s say that the peanut needs enough sun exposure to give us richer flowering and bigger flowers, and we also have to protect it from low temperatures and intense frost during the winter.


At last, let’s say about some fragrant plant that honors its name and has a flower with a very strong aroma! Lavender with characteristic grayish-green leaves is distinguished for the fragrant purple flowers that moan in our gardens and balconies. And let’s not forget that from the lavender flowers comes out an excellent essential oil, ideal to calm, relax and fight insomnia. The lavender flowers can be cut to put them in wardrobes and drawers to protect our clothes from the moth, but also to flavor them at the same time. And if we put the aromatic flowers of lavender under our pillow, we will make the most sweet sleep and we will see the most beautiful dreams! What else to ask for!


It has come from the Far East, but with its intense and sweet aroma it has won all Greek hearts. It is the honeysuckle, the climbing plant with its rich bloom that lasts from the middle of spring until the end of the summer. The peculiar and appealing aroma of the colorful flowers of the holy tree makes it very popular in the courtyards and balconies of the Greek houses. It is also used in edgings, pergolas, fences, and even for rooftops. The honeysuckle is very resistant to low temperatures, snow, frost, and enough resilience to all types of soils.


I say it, some people prefer the archaic hyacinth! In any case, everyone will be delighted with the sweet, intimate aroma of his flower! And of colors, whatever we ask! Swirls in a color palette of rosé, blue, orange, yellow, red to white. And especially the diadem, a variety of white white juvenile cultivated in the Ionian Islands and Aegean islands, stands out for its intense aroma. Let’s plant his flower bulbs in pots on the balcony or garden flowerbeds in the autumn to enjoy its aromatic flowering 2-2.5 months after planting the bulb. And if we do not have a garden and do not want pots, no problem. Even in the living room, the hyacinth can blossom in the water in a special jar with a narrow mouth! It is enough to place the hyacinth bulb on the top, to develop its root system in the water and gradually to blossom in the interior of our house.


My Lady, a scent! Perhaps this is why the virgin is referred to as the lily of the Virgin Mary! An impressive bulbous flower, a kind of Lilium, the virginity has large white or white-yellow flowers that have a special sweet aroma. We can plant the lily of the Virgin Mary in a flower pot on the balcony and flower beds in the garden to cut its flowers and keep them in a jar. This way we will flavor our living room in the most beautiful way. And as for planting tips, the lily of the Virgin Mary generally prefers sunlit places, protected from wind drafts.