10 flowers blooming in autumn

And in autumn what do we do? Will my garden be blooming? What flowers do we plant at this time? We are not worried at all, as there are many ornamental plants that give us wonderful flowering in the autumn so that our garden and balcony have nothing to envy from spring and summer.


The astras are not only found in the sky during autumn. There is also in the garden! Star or Astrak is an annual flowering flower;with impressive flowers that resemble those of the chrysanthemum. And of color: red, pink, purple, blue and white. The star blooms in the late summer until the middle of autumn. If we plant taller varieties, we can cut flowers and decorate them by following our tips for preserving flowers in a vase. 


Keep her flowers for 1-2 days and let them fall afterward. I do not mind at all! Hibiscus, the beloved evergreen shrub with large flowers, white, purple, red, orange and pink, flowers in summer and autumn. Ideal for individual plantings in the garden, but also for flower pots or flowerpots on the balcony. 


From high to low! The chain is a low-growth annual flowering flower that has rich and prolonged flowering, from early spring to late autumn, with many small characteristic whites, pink or purple flowers. The chain is planted in shallow pots and gardens, but also in the garden, in rock gardens, for soil cover or for low flowering edging.


Let’s have our autumn garden and some exotic color. Shrimp, a perennial evergreen flower from the Mexican tropical regions, we will not be bored to see it flowering, although its rich flowering lasts from May to December. It stands out for its striking bracky leaves in shades of yellow, red and tile that resemble hanging shrimps and surrounds its white tufted flowers. 


If we want something tough with a long flowering period in the autumn, for flower beds, streets, squares and parks we choose a lantana bite! Lantana is an evergreen ornamental shrub with characteristic small flowers that appear from early May to mid-November. As for colors, do not worry! There is the “classic” in red and orange, but other rich colors with white, yellow and rosé.


Do we not mention the chrysanthemum? A favorite flower that blooms in the autumn and adorns our yards and balconies. The chrysanthemum features characteristic daisy-like flowers and is known as the holy or holy name. Originally from; China, the chrysanthemum has innumerable varieties in various colors and flower shapes to plant in the garden, but also in flower pots and flowerpots.


If we are asking for a blossoming plant in the autumn, there is a verve for ground cover or hanging baskets. Perennial herbaceous plant with small flowers in white, red, yellow, purple, blue and pink, verve has rich flowering with long duration from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn. A fairly frequent choice of amateur and professional gardeners, verve is planted in pots and flowerpots, but also in hanging baskets because of its creamy growth.


As the poet says: “Cyclamen, Cyclamen in the rock of the slit.” In nature we also find many wild native species of cyclamen. Nowadays, however, there are innumerable cultivated varieties and cyclamen hybrids to plant in pots and gardens, in balconies and yards, gardens and parks. Cyclamen will give us its rich flowering with flowers that appear from the middle of autumn until the end of spring. And of colors, great variety! Pink, purple, red and white, as well as cyclamen with two-color flowers.


What are we looking for now? A plant that is blooming in the autumn and can be planted in seaside places? Easy! Olive groves, the evergreen ornamental shrub with large, impressive flowers, in shades of red, pink, purple, violet, salmon and white. A typical example of the Mediterranean flora, the oleander reaches a height of four meters and offers rich and prolonged flowering from the late spring to mid-autumn. 


And who will close the dozen autumn flowers? About the field, the annual ornamental plant with its characteristic flowers and flowering that starts from spring and lasts until the beginning of winter. Originally from Mexico, the spring is planted in flower beds and pots for its beautiful yellow, orange and tile flowers. Of course, it is also used in the vegetable garden for its insecticidal properties.

And a secret about autumn flowers

At the beginning of autumn, we add water-soluble flowering fertilizer to flowering flowers in the autumn to ensure rich and prolonged flowering. We repeat the lubrication application every 2-3 weeks in the autumn.